Landmark Study Performed by the Independent McGuire Institute Confirms Positive 12 Month Clinical Outcomes for BIOLASE REPAIR® Perio Protocol

Validates BIOLASE REPAIR® Perio Protocol is a Superior Alternative as it pertains to patient reported outcomes.

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- BIOLASE, Inc.(NASDAQ: BIOL), the global leader in dental lasers, today announced groundbreaking findings from a 12-month follow-up to a clinical trial performed at The McGuire Institute™. The findings will be published in the November 2023 issue of the Journal of Periodontology. The pioneering study was designed to meet the stringent American Association of Periodontology Best Evidence Consensus (BEC) standards, and is the first-of-its-kind study to compare BIOLASE's REPAIR® Perio protocol to the traditional minimally invasive surgical technique (MIST) treatment of moderate to severe generalized periodontitis.

Key highlights include:

  • Clinically Proven and Validated by Scientific Research
    The study confirms that BIOLASE's Waterlase REPAIR® Perio protocol has similar and sustainable clinical outcomes as compared to traditional MIST in treating intrabony defects over the 12-month study thus reaffirming rigorous scientific research and the laser's clinical efficacy.

  • Enhanced Positive Patient Experience
    Patients who underwent BIOLASE's Waterlase REPAIR® Perio laser treatment reported significantly better patient-reported outcomes (PROs) at six months. These findings show that patients experienced less pain, reduced bleeding, and minimal discomfort, indicating a patient-friendly approach to periodontal care.

  • Safety and Minimal Invasiveness
    The study found no adverse events associated with BIOLASE's Waterlase REPAIR® Perio laser procedure, highlighting its safety. Furthermore, it emphasizes that this laser treatment is minimally invasive, ensuring a highly effective and more comfortable experience for patients.

  • Faster Recovery
    Patients in the BIOLASE Waterlase group reported a quicker reduction in swelling and discomfort, suggesting a faster and more comfortable recovery compared to traditional treatment.

"This exciting study provides further strong evidence that our Waterlase laser and REPAIR® Perio protocol is a safe and effective alternative to surgical treatment for intrabony periodontal defects with lasting results," said Dr. Russell Morrow, the Chief Dental Officer at BIOLASE. "The results ensure patients will not have to compromise on effectiveness, or comfort when choosing a less invasive approach."

BIOLASE's Waterlase laser is a minimally invasive laser that can be used to treat a variety of dental conditions, including intrabony periodontal defects. Intrabony periodontal defects are pockets that form between the tooth and bone and can lead to tooth loss. The Waterlase laser works by vaporizing the diseased tissue and stimulating the body to produce new bone and gum tissue.

"The study provides a firm rationale for an alternative surgical approach in the treatment of intrabony periodontal defects and forges the path for future comparisons using regenerative therapies in conjunction with the REPAIR® Perio technique," said Rick H. Heard, DDS, MS and Executive Director of Clinical Research and Operations of the McGuire Institute, a network of master clinicians trained and qualified to conduct high level clinical research in a practice based setting and located strategically throughout the United States. "It also supports superiority over a minimally invasive surgical technique with respect to patient reported outcomes."

Additionally, the McGuire study has earned a well-deserved nomination for the 2024 DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards, affectionately known as the "Cuspies," a platform to honor the best in dental innovation and excellence. Among the esteemed categories, the "Dental Study of the Year" spotlights research that promises to reshape the future of dental practice.

Winning this prestigious award at the Cuspies would not only be an accolade, but a testament to how the McGuire study could potentially redefine and elevate the standard of care for periodontal patients globally. It is an opportunity to celebrate a study with the power to reshape the landscape of periodontal treatment, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the dental field.


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